September 28th, 2017

WEFTEC 2017: Helping Wastewater Treatment Facilities Develop 360-Degree Odor Control Strategies

OMI Industries Showcasing Widest-Range of Eco-Friendly Odor Abatement Solutions

For more than 25 years, OMI Industries has specialized in the development of natural solutions to eliminate wastewater treatment odors. Our innovative and effective Ecosorb® technology eliminates wastewater treatment odors without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals, expensive emission control systems or masking fragrances.

Our solutions are ideal because one of the most significant challenges in wastewater treatment is safely and effectively dealing with a wide-range of odors from a seemingly endless amount of locations in a facility. These malodor sources can include primary settlers, sludge-digestions tanks, sludge thickening, dewatering areas, raw wastewater, centrifugation and disposal areas, and much more.

While the sources of foul odor tend to increase on a daily basis, there’s one issue that also grows in scope, which is the rise of odor complaints from neighboring residents and businesses. Often, these complaints can make their way into the local media, and become hot-button discussions at local town council meetings.

At WEFTEC 2017, the topic of safe odor control in the wastewater arena will be top-of-mind, with OMI Industries (Booth #1021) leading the way by educating attendees on how to develop a 360-degree approach to fighting facility odors. In particular, the OMI Industries team will present how they helped a major U.S. wastewater treatment facility to fight odors from nearly 10 sources within their plant, and much more.

Comprised of a proprietary blend of plant extracts, OMI Industries’ Ecosorb seeks out and destroys organic and inorganic odors on a molecular level. The solution also meets a wide-range of safety standards, including EPA and OSHA standards and independent laboratories, universities, and olfactometry researchers have all validated the odor-destroying powers of Ecosorb.

From equipment design to installation to providing ongoing support and services, we provide a 360-degree approach to ensure that any wastewater treatment facility can eliminate bad odors – and continue to be good neighbors.

If your wastewater treatment facility is dealing with a wide-range of odors, and needs a comprehensive abatement strategy, please contact us here to set up an appointment with an OMI Industries expert at WEFTEC 2017.

Look forward to seeing you in Chicago next week!


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