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Ecosorb destroys odors. Period.

For virtually every odor, every industry, every plant, factory or facility, there are Ecosorb industrial odor control products. OMI Industries offers a full line of products designed to neutralize industrial odors and eliminate noxious emissions. For every type of environment, Ecosorb® is available as water-based, gel or additive formulas.

See how Ecosorb eliminates odors.

Delivery systems.
Ecosorb is available in a variety of formulas, each custom designed by OMI Industries to neutralize industrial odors. These formulas include:
Spray Gel

Equipment specialists.
In addition to providing the right Ecosorb® formulation for your specific industry, OMI will also outfit you with the right equipment to optimize the application. Our equipment is designed specifically for battling the worst industrial odors. After you have selected the appropriate delivery system, we will help you choose the right equipment for the job. Choose a complete selection of:
• Atomization systems
• High pressure sprayers
• Low pressure sprayers
• Portable and stationary vaporization systems
• Fans and fan panels
• Additive injection systems

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