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Ecosorb® Turns Asphalt Facility Into Good Neighbor

May 14, 2003

or years been dealing with neighborhood complaints and pressure from regulators. Everyone recognizes the value and need for asphalt but nobody wants to smell the process outside of the facilities.

Odor Management’s ECOSORB 606 and 206 products have for years treated odors emitting from asphalt facilities using simple industrial atomization technologies. Handling and storing asphalt presents unique challenges to the standard ECOSORB odor control technology. So to more effectively control odors emitting from asphalt handling facilities, Odor Management has developed new, non-aqueous liquid blends that are added directly into hot liquid asphalt.

Application and laboratory experience show that about one-half gallon of ECOSORB 606SG3 will adequately control the odors of 5000 to 6000 gallons of asphalt. This level of control continues throughout the handling process and is transferred to the final product.

Asphalt anti-strip additives present another variable and challenge to asphalt odor control. In order to control the odor of asphalt containing anti-strip, Odor Management now offers Ecosorb 206SG3AB. The same one-half gallon to 5000 gallons dosage rate has proven to be an especially effective odor control solution in these applications.

The new ECOSORB asphalt additives, like the aqueous aerosol products, are not masking agents; they do not cover up the smell of asphalt with some other odor. Malodors are caused by volatile components escaping their source. ECOSORB suppresses the ability of the volatiles to leave that source.

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