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Pulp and paper production with none of the odor.

Waverly, Tennessee: A carefully selected Ecosorb® product and delivery system are used to neutralize odors caused by this anaerobic lagoon located at a paperboard packaging plant.

Pulp and paper manufacturing is a notorious source of nuisance odors, often stemming from hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and sulfur dioxide. Fortunately, Ecosorb® products offer a natural and effective solution to neutralize these odors and all others associated with the paper and pulp industry.

Ecosorb® odor eliminators have been used repeatedly by large paper and pulp manufacturers to control odors around on-site black liquor lagoons, primary clarification ponds and landfills.

Florida: Pulp and paper plant uses vaporized Ecosorb® product to neutralize odor/sulfide gas coming from a primary diversion basin that is 4,000 feet around.

Contact OMI for more information on how we can help solve all types of odor issues in pulp and paper production. With a variety of products and delivery systems available, we will work with you to develop the odor management system that’s correctly matched to your type of odors, scale of operation, budget and needs.