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Our worldwide distributor network makes ordering Ecosorb® products easy.

Ecosorb® products and odor control systems are available globally through our worldwide network of distributors. No matter where you are, there’s an OMI distributor ready to discuss your odor control challenge and recommend one of our easy-to-use, earth friendly odor control solutions. Click on a link below to find a distributor in your corner of the world.

Distribution areas:

  • Group DHB, Inc. Areas Served:   Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island 5 rue Morin Address:  Group DHB 651 Route Begin St. Anselme, QC Canada, G0R 2N0 Contact Person:  Richard Denis Phone:  418.885.9595 Fax:  418.885.4957
  • TDH Fluid Systems Areas Served:  Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan Address:  9439 47th Street Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2R7, Canada Contact Person:  C. King Lee Phone:  780.465.5447 Fax:  780.465.5467