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OMI’s 130 Stationary Vapor Phase Unit is perfect for any confined space such as sewer lifts, pump stations, refinery control rooms or other spaces. And with its durable casing and no filter design, it is a simple, easy odor control solution.

The OMI 130 Stationary Vapor Phase Unit uses vapor phase dispersion to produce sub-micron particles for the highest efficiency possible when used with Ecosorb® Odor Neutralizer.

Made of 14-gauge powder coated steel with a durable locking handle, the unit can be bolted to the concrete pad or to a uni-strut rack. The unit has been designed to stand up to the outside elements, but can also be used indoors.

This self-contained system requires only a power supply, which means no filters, complicated mixing equipment, pumps or nozzles. Simply pour 7 gallons of Ecosorb® into the product supply tank, lock the door, and walk away. Maintenance is limited to rinsing the product storage tank out every six months.

The OMI 130 CFM Unit


  • • 130 CFM at 0.00 static pressure
  • • UL Listed Components
  • • Tank Capacity:  7 Gals
  • • Output:  2-8 pints/ day
  • • Variable Output adjustment control
  • • Outlet Size:  2” Pipe Coupling
  • • Power requirement:  0.6A @120VAC   (230VAC version also available)
  • • Size:  24”W x 16”Deep x 48” Tall
  • • Unit Weight:  117 lbs

Air bubble specifications:

  • • Rated air flow .21 CFM
  • • Noise level 38db max at 1 meter


Available Options:

  • • 12 Ft Power Cord
  • • Timer (7d/24Hr Digital)
  • • Heat Package (for use where freezing is a concern)
  • • Tower Light for easy monitoring of system
  • • Low Liquid Level Alert
Just lock the door and walk away


• Sewer Lift & Pump Stations
• Trash Rooms
• Refinery Control Rooms

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