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Vaporization offers earth-friendly odor control.

Similar in principle to atomization with a couple of key added benefits, vaporization provides an environmentally friendly option for the delivery of natural Ecosorb®. Unlike atomization, no water is used in the vaporization process, only undiluted Ecosorb. Through the vapor phase unit, pure Ecosorb® products are pumped through a perforated pipe distribution system, creating a dry vapor to eliminate airborne smells.

Efficient vaporization systems are easy to operate and provide an economical odor control solution. Another key difference is that a vapor phase system delivers dry Ecosorb® product vapors at rates as low as 130 CFM to a high of 2,400 CFM, making it adaptable for a variety of applications. Custom designs are also available.

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OMI will work with you to determine the appropriate vapor phase system and pressure levels to distribute Ecosorb® throughout your facility.

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