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The Ecosorb® Maintenance Hole Gel Insert is a perforated inflow protector that is designed to allow odorous sewer gases to pass through a barrier of Ecosorb® Gel odor neutralizer. Upon passing through the Ecosorb® Gel layer the odorous gases are “scrubbed” to yield an odor-free effluent air stream.

The Ecosorb® Maintenance Hole Gel Insert is designed to hold one gallon of Ecosorb® Gel. The life of the Ecosorb® Gel will be determined by the amount of airflow through each particular manhole application. From our experience, the estimated life will be 3-5 weeks*. Units are available in two standard sizes, and are available in all common sizes upon request.

*Extreme cases could cause variations and modifications may be necessary

The Ecosorb® Gel Manhole

Technical Information

  • Available in all common sizes between 20″ and 36″
  • Black polyethylene (0.125″ – 0.150″ thick depending on size)
  • Handle strap included
  • All inserts include a foam gasket edge seal
  • Inserts are pre-drilled with 61 0r 93 (1/4″) holes depending on size

Ideal For

  • All manholes (downtown areas, high traffic areas, adjacent to sensitive entities, etc).
  • Storm drains with odor issues
55-gallons or more of Ecosorb® Gel

Ecosorb® Gel

Ecosorb Gel is designed to eliminate odor in the air. The continuous release formulation works around the clock, to provide constant, 24/7 odor control. It is especially effective for combating persistent odor problems that may not be avoidable or correctable.

With your initial  purchase of 55-gallons or more of Ecosorb® Gel, OMI will provide two predrilled and fitted insert units at no cost. Additional units are available for sale from OMI or provided by the customer.

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