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Versatile odor control delivery systems integrate into any facility.

For natural Ecosorb® products to be a total odor solution, they have to meet two challenging criteria. First, they have to eliminate – not mask – any organic or inorganic odors. Second, and perhaps most difficult, Ecosorb® products have to be adaptable so they can integrate into any process, facility or product.

We have developed several basic odor control systems to accommodate any odor situation. Ecosorb® products can be delivered one of four ways: additive, atomization, vaporization and encapsulation (gel). Whether seeking to control industrial odors or a wastewater solution, OMI works with you to determine the best delivery system.

Our total system integration means you not only get a superior odor elimination formulation in Ecosorb®, but the advanced engineered equipment for distributing the product to any type of industrial environment.

Our selection of equipment includes:

Air atomization systems
Flexible, non-electric and easy to maintain, Ecosorb atomization system create a fine mist of Ecosorb® product for advanced odor elimination. Both high and low pressure spray systems, along with a variety of spray nozzles, are available.


High pressure spray systems

For large coverage areas, a high-pressure spray system can provide superior odor elimination while adding the benefit of dust control. Optional variable frequency drive (VFD) sprayers allow for adjustable output rates depending on the area you need cover. Units can be equipped with optional event and intermittent timers so you can ensure around-the-clock odor and emission neutrality.


Low pressure spray systems

High pressure system delivers variable output for custom odor control.

A low-pressure spray system is an alternative way to release a steady stream of Ecosorb over a problem area while using low air consumption. These non-electric systems release a fairly potent amount of Ecosorb to neutralize toxic odors.


Fans and fan panels
We offer a complete line of fan dispersal systems to meet the needs of any size environment. Each easy-to-install system requires no duct or tubing and emits a steady flow of Ecosorb—at any volume necessary—to destroy toxic odors. Fans range in size from larger industrial units to smaller, more portable self contained fans and drum top foggers.



Additive injection systems

For neutralizing the toxic odor of substances such as asphalt, OMI offers an additive injection system for mixing Ecosorb directly into the odorous material. These systems are available in manual or automatic trigger modes.


Vapor systems

Vapor systems are another smart solution for destroying noxious odors and we have developed portable or stationary models to suit your needs. Both systems dispense dry vapor with fully customizable output settings.

OMI has 130, 450, 600 and 1200 cfm units available. PLC-based control panels are available for 450 cfm and above units. Timers, wind controllers, heat packages and tower lights are among the options available for vapor phase systems.


System Selection
We have developed a useful tool to help you decide which delivery method best suits your industrial environment. Take a look here.

Please Contact us for more help choosing or developing a custom delivery system that meets your odor control needs.