February 8th, 2017

“Clearing the Air” News Round Up: Massive Water Infrastructure Investment Needed; Odors Impact Local Business; and Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the “Clearing the Air” News Round Up post from OMI Industries. We have compiled the latest industrial odor control news stories for your reference, arming you with the right information to keep your facilities odor-free. If you have any news that you would like our team to cover, please send us a message here.

EPA: Massive Water Infrastructure Investment Needed

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than $655 billion in investment will be needed in the next 20 years for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in the United States.

Strong Industrial Odors Impacts Local Business Outside of St. Louis

Here’s a story about a custom furniture maker that is feeling the impact of foul odors from a nearby industrial complex outside of St. Louis.

Foul Landfill Odor Problems Have an Ohio County Looking at Options

County officials are looking to reduce or stop the transfer of solid waste it sends to a Dayton, Ohio, landfill that’s been the focus of odor complaints from nearby communities for several months.

Self-Healing Tanks Hope to Redefine Wastewater Treatment in the Netherlands

Two projects have been opened in the Netherlands that aim to pave the way for the future of wastewater treatment with self-healing concrete.

A Texas Landfill Plans to Boost Methane Production While Extending its Life

The Denton (Texas) Landfill, with support from University of Texas, Arlington (UTA), is about to leverage two high-tech tools to boost the facility’s methane gas production by about threefold, and double to triple the site’s life.

Celebrate Your Valentine’s Love With a Visit to a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Brooklyn’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is offering a special Valentine’s Day tour of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint.


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